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Renate & Werner Leismann-Hey Pepito
Willem Duyn-Zal ik een krekel wezen

Engelstalig Jaren 60

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Andy Fisher - A man in the woods
Artiest: Andy Fisher Titel: A man in the woods / Crazy bull fandang..
Andy Williams-Live and learn
Artiest: Andy Williams Titel: Live and learn / You are ..
Barbara Ruskin-Gentlemen please
Artiest: Barbara Ruskin Titel: Gentlemen please / The 24t..
Barry Sadler-The ballad of the green berets
Artiest: Barry Sadler Titel: The ballad of the green berets / Lette..
Barry Webb-
Artiest: Barry Webb Titel: Live For Tomorrow harry jones / At the t..
Bee Gees - I started a joke/ Idea
Artiest: Bee gees Titel:..
Bee Gees-I.O.I.O.
Artiest: The Bee Gees Titel: I.O.I.O. / Sweetheart ..
Bee Gees-Spicks and specks
Artiest: The Bee Gees Ti..
Bob Dylan-If you gotto go go now
Artiest: Bob Dylan Titel: If you gotta go, go now / To ramona ..
Bob Dylan-Subterranean homesick blues
Artiest: Bob Dylan Titel: Subterranean homesick blues/The Times the..
Cat Stevens - I'm gonna get me a gun
Artiest: Cat Stevens Titel: I'm gonna get me a gun / School is out ..
Cat Stevens-A Bad Night / The Laughing Apple
Artiest: Cat Stevens Titel: A Bad Night / The Laughing Apple ..
Chris Andrews - To whom it concerns
  Artiest: Chris Andrews Titel: Tho whom it concerns/It's a..
Chris Andrews-Something on my mind
Artiest: Chris Andrews Titel: Something on my mind/ Lady oh Lady ..
Clif Richard and the Shadows - Bachelor Boy
Artiest: Cliff Richard and The Shadows Titel: Bachelor Boy / The ne..