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Renate & Werner Leismann-Hey Pepito
Anita en de Edger Boys - A La Vie La Mort
Fleetwood mac-Little lies / Ricky
Willem Duyn-Zal ik een krekel wezen

Engelstalig Jaren 60

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The Fortunes-Freedom come freedom go
Artiest: The Fortunes Titel: Freedom come freedom go/There´s a man ..
The Hilo Hawaiians - Rolling home to waikiki
Artiest: The Hilo Hawaiians Titel: Rolling home to waikiki / Sarie ..
The Hollies-What's wrong withe the way I live
Artiest: The Hollies Titel: What's wrong with the way I live/High c..
The Jay Jays-I got love if you want it
Artiest: The Jay Jays Titel: I got love if you want it/I keep tryin..
The Master singers-Rumbletum song
Artiest: The Master Singers Titel: Rumbletum song/The Highway code ..
The Merry men-Mary ann
Artiest: The Merrymen Titel: Fire Fire / Mary ann Genre..
The Moody Blues-Nights in white satin
Artiest: The Moody Blues Titel: Nights in white satin / Cities ..
The Rattles-Come on and sing
Artiest: The Rattles Titel: Come on and sing/Candy to me ..
The Rolling Stones-Honkey Tonk Woman
Artiest: The Rolling Stones Titel: Honky Tonk women / You..
The Searchers-Goodbye my love
Artiest: The Searchers Titel: Goodbye my love/Till I met you ..
The Seekers-The Carnival is over
Artiest: The Seekers Titel: The Carnival is over / We Shall not be ..
The Shoes - Osaka
Artiest: The Shoes Titel: Osaka / Horns, Strings And Drums ..
The Skybolts-Loosing my love
Artiest: The Skyblots Titel: Loosing my love/My own way ..
The sparklings-Seven jump / Now it's your turn to cry
Artiest: The sparklings Titel: Seven jump / Now it's your turn to c..
The Tremeloes - My little Lady
  Artiest: The Tremeloes Titel: My little Lady / All The Wo..